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日本語 事業概要(日本語)   英語 Business Outline (English)

1.PFI(Private Finance Initiative)

PFI is a way of creating "public–private partnership" by managing public infrastructure projects with private capital, skills and management. PFI projects are expected to manage with lower costs and enhance quality.
PFI(Private Finance Initiative)

2.Scope of work in Komagome SPC, Inc.

  1. Facility Renovation
  2. Operation & Maintenance
    • Linen Washing and Supply
    • Stock Control of medical supplies (Including In-Hospital Logistics)
    • Maintenance for facility and medical equipment
    • Food Supply
    • Laboratory Tests
    • Sterilization
    • Medical Support etc.
  3. Procurement of drugs and medical supplies
  4. Support improving the management of Komagome Hospital
Scope of work in Komagome SPC, Inc.